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Estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer molecular signatures and therapeutic potentials (Review)

Mei Hong Zhang, Hong Tao Man, Xiao Dan Zhao, Ni Dong, Shi Liang Ma

Pages: 41-52 Published online on: 25 October 2013

Unraveling the genes implicated in Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Mohan Giri, Abhilasha Shah, Bibhuti Upreti, Jayanti Chamling Rai

Pages: 105-114 Published online on: 14 June 2017

Predominance of precore mutations and clinical significance of basal core promoter mutations in chronic hepatitis B virus infection in Indonesia

Juniastuti, Takako Utsumi, Eduardus Bimo Aksono, Yoshihiko Yano, Soetjipto, Yoshitake Hayashi, Hak Hotta, Fedik Abdul Rantam, Hernomo Ontoseno Kusumobroto, Maria Inge Lusida

Pages: 522-528 Published online on: 15 May 2013

Gene mutations in Cushing's disease (Review)

Qi Xiong, Wei Ge

Pages: 277-282 Published online on: 29 July 2016

Cell death, dysglycemia and myocardial infarction (Review)

Xiao‑Fang Tian, Ming‑Xia Cui, Shi‑Wei Yang, Yu‑Jie Zhou, Da‑Yi Hu

Pages: 341-346 Published online on: 25 February 2013

Emerging role of microRNA-21 in cancer (Review)

Yin-Hsun Feng, Chao-Jung Tsao

Pages: 395-402 Published online on: 26 August 2016

Carbonated soft drinks alter hepatic cytochrome P450 isoform expression in Wistar rats

Adel Alkhedaide, Mohamed Mohamed Soliman, Zein Shaban Ibrahim

Pages: 607-612 Published online on: 26 September 2016

Differential upregulation of the hypothetical transmembrane protein 66 (TMEM66) in multiple sclerosis patients with potential inflammatory response

Safa Taha, Muna Aljishi, Isa Alsharoqi, Moiz Bakhiet

Pages: 98-104 Published online on: 17 November 2014

Improvement of thoracic aortic vasoreactivity by continuous and intermittent exercise in high‑fat diet-induced obese rats

Hongpeng Liu, Zhen Yang, Jian Hu, Yan Luo, Lingqin Zhu, Huifang Yang, Guanghua Li

Pages: 527-532 Published online on: 16 April 2015

Crimean‑Congo hemorrhagic fever: Risk factors and control measures for the infection abatement (Review)

Saadia Aslam, Muhammad Shahzad Latif, Muhammad Daud, Zia Ur Rahman, Bushra Tabassum, Muhammad Sohail Riaz, Anwar Khan, Muhammad Tariq, Tayyab Husnain

Pages: 15-20 Published online on: 18 November 2015

Resveratrol and exercise (Review)

Saltuk Bugra Baltaci, Rasim Mogulkoc, Abdulkerim Kasim Baltaci

Pages: 525-530 Published online on: 11 October 2016
Open Access

Potential of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in rejuvenation of the aged skin of rats

Zhen Liu, Guo‑Dong Hu, Xiao‑Bo Luo, Bin Yin, Bin Shu, Jing‑Zhi Guan, Chi‑Yu Jia

Pages: 279-284 Published online on: 13 January 2017

TNF inhibitor therapy for rheumatoid arthritis (Review)

Xixi Ma, Shengqian Xu

Pages: 177-184 Published online on: 29 November 2012

The pattern of IL‑24/mda‑7 and its cognate receptors expression following activation of human hepatic stellate cells

Iman Jamhiri, Seyed Younes Hosseini, Davood Mehrabani, Zahra  Khodabandeh, Ramin Yaghobi, Razieh Dowran, Saber Zahri

Pages: 173-178 Published online on: 21 June 2017
Open Access

Animal models of atherosclerosis (Review)

Yee Ting Lee, Victoria Laxton, Hiu Yu Lin, Yin Wah Fiona Chan, Sophia  Fitzgerald‑Smith, Tsz Ling Olivia To, Bryan P Yan, Tong Liu, Gary Tse

Pages: 259-266 Published online on: 17 January 2017
Open Access

Role of physical exercise in Alzheimer's disease (Review)

Wei‑Wei Chen, Xia Zhang, Wen‑Juan Huang

Pages: 403-407 Published online on: 22 February 2016

Influence of celecoxib on the vasodilating properties of human mesenteric arteries constricted with endothelin-1

Grzegorz Grześk, Katarzyna Szadujkis-Szadurska, Grzegorz Matusiak, Bartosz Malinowski, Marta Gajdus, Michał Wiciński, Leszek Szadujkis-Szadurski

Pages: 412-418 Published online on: 29 January 2014
Open Access

Interactions between polymorphisms in the 3'untranslated region of the cyclin dependent kinase 6 gene and the human papillomavirus infection, and risk of cervical precancerous lesions

Xingguang Ye, Lipeng Jing, Xingming Zhong, Di Xiao, Meiling Ou, Congcong Guo, Guang Yang, Chunxia Jing, Xiangcai Wei

Pages: 640-648 Published online on: 03 May 2017

Correlation of survivin and B‑cell lymphoma 2 expression with pathological malignancy and anti‑apoptotic properties of glial cell tumors

In‑Suk Bae, Choong‑Hyun Kim, Jae‑Min Kim, Jin‑Hwan Cheong, Je‑Il Ryu, Myung‑Hoon Han

Pages: 396-400 Published online on: 17 February 2017
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February 2018
Volume 8 Issue 2

Print ISSN: 2049-9434
Online ISSN: 2049-9442

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