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Cardiotoxicity associated with targeted cancer therapies (Review)

Zi Chen, Di Ai

Pages: 675-681 Published online on: 03 March 2016

Sudden cardiac death in a patient with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma with good response to sorafenib treatment: A case report with literature analysis

Linda Calistri, Cesare Cordopatri, Cosimo Nardi, Elena Gianni, Fabio Marra, Stefano Colagrande

Pages: 389-396 Published online on: 16 January 2017
Open Access

Meta‑analyses of treatment standards for pancreatic cancer (Review)

Jun Gong, Richard Tuli, Arvind Shinde, Andrew E. Hendifar

Pages: 315-325 Published online on: 18 December 2015

Association between oral contraceptive use as a risk factor and triple-negative breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Li Li, Yahua Zhong, Hongyan Zhang, Haijun Yu, Yong Huang, Zheng Li, Gaili Chen, Xinying Hua

Pages: 76-80 Published online on: 12 May 2017

Utilising proteomic approaches to understand oncogenic human herpesviruses (Review)

Christopher B. Owen, David J. Hughes, Belinda Baquero-Perez, Anja Berndt, Sophie Schumann, Brian R. Jackson, Adrian Whitehouse

Pages: 891-903 Published online on: 09 July 2014
Open Access

ECOG is as independent predictor of the response to chemotherapy, overall survival and progression-free survival in carcinoma of unknown primary site

Rocío Grajales‑Álvarez, Ana Martin‑Aguilar, Juan A. Silva, Jaime G. de la Garza‑Salazar, Erika Ruiz‑García, César López‑Camarillo, Laurence A. Marchat, Horacio Astudillo‑de la Vega

Pages: 643-650 Published online on: 06 April 2017
Open Access

Sclerosing adenosis: Ultrasonographic and mammographic findings and correlation with histopathology

Ya‑Ling Chen, Jia‑Jian Chen, Cai Chang, Yi Gao, Jiong Wu, Wen‑Tao Yang, Ya‑Jia Gu

Pages: 157-162 Published online on: 13 December 2016

Opposite variation tendencies of serum CA724 levels in patients with colon and rectal carcinoma

Zhanmeng Zhu, Zhe Chen, Chunlin Chen, Ziyi Yang, Weibo Xuan, Yahui Hou, Yunfei Zuo, Shuangyi Ren

Pages: 139-145 Published online on: 29 October 2013

Target therapy in NSCLC patients: Relevant clinical agents and tumour molecular characterisation (Review)

Paola Ulivi, Wainer Zoli, Laura Capelli, Elisa Chiadini, Daniele Calistri, Dino Amadori

Pages: 575-581 Published online on: 29 March 2013

Conventional oral systemic chemotherapy for postoperative hepatocellular carcinoma: A systematic review

Jianhong Zhong, Bangde Xiang, Liang Ma, Lequn Li

Pages: 1091-1096 Published online on: 07 July 2014

Targeted immunotherapy of high‑grade cervical intra‑epithelial neoplasia: Expectations from clinical trials (Review)

Jean‑Luc Brun, José Rajaonarison, Nicolas Nocart, Laura Hoarau, Stéphanie Brun, Isabelle Garrigue

Pages: 227-235 Published online on: 08 December 2017
Open Access

Observational study of colonoscopy techniques used for acute colorectal obstruction: A single‑center experience

Qian Chen, Qin Yu, Jing‑Jing Yu, Mei Liu, Hua‑Ping Xie, Bin Cheng, Qiao‑Zhen Guao, Guang‑Quan Liao, Hua Qin

Pages: 355-361 Published online on: 16 January 2017
Open Access

TP53 mutation is associated with a poor clinical outcome for non-small cell lung cancer: Evidence from a meta-analysis

Jincui Gu, Yanbin Zhou, Lixia Huang, Weijun Ou, Jian Wu, Shaoli Li, Junwen Xu, Jinlun Feng, Baomo Liu

Pages: 705-713 Published online on: 21 October 2016

PALB2 mutation in a woman with bilateral breast cancer: A case report

Hiroshi Nakagomi, Yosuke Hirotsu, Kenichiro Okimoto, Ikuko Sakamoto, Kenji Amemiya, Satoko Nakagomi, Takeo Kubota, Hitoshi Mochizuki, Masao Omata

Pages: 556-560 Published online on: 09 March 2017

Cell‑based immunotherapy in stage IIIA inflammatory breast cancer with declining innate immunity following successive chemotherapies: A case report

Ranganathan Chidambaram, Hiroshi Terunuma, Madasamy Balamurugan, Vidyasagar Devaprasad Dedeepiya, Premkumar Sumana, Rajappa Senthilkumar, Mathaiyan Rajmohan, Ramalingam Karthick, Senthilkumar Preethy, Samuel J.K. Abraham

Pages: 493-497 Published online on: 19 July 2017

Clinicopathological characteristics of infiltrating lobular breast carcinoma in elderly women: Preliminary results

Alvaro Ruibal, Pablo Aguiar, Maria del Carmen del Río, Primitiva Menéndez, José Ignacio Arias, Michel Herranz

Pages: 1337-1340 Published online on: 28 August 2015

Elevated risk of recurrent colorectal neoplasia with Helicobacter pylori‑associated chronic atrophic gastritis: A follow‑up study of patients with endoscopically resected colorectal neoplasia

Izumi Inoue, Jun Kato, Noriko Yoshimura, Yoshimasa Maeda, Kosaku Moribata, Naoki Shingaki, Hisanobu Deguchi, Shotaro Enomoto, Takao Maekita, Kazuki Ueda, Mikitaka Iguchi, Hideyuki Tamai, Mitsuhiro Fujishiro, Nobutake Yamamichi, Tatsuya Takeshita, Masao Ichinose

Pages: 75-82 Published online on: 11 September 2012

Clinical, endoscopic and pathological characteristics of colorectal polyps in elderly patients: Single-center experience

Lei Zhou, Heng Zhang, Shengbin Sun, Manling Huang, Jing Liu, Dan Xu, Min Song, Chenming Sun, Hui Li, Dan Zheng, Yan Fan, Yusheng Liao, Ping Wang, Jie Wu

Pages: 81-87 Published online on: 01 June 2017

Prognostic significance of B‑cell lymphoma 2 expression in acute leukemia: A systematic review and meta‑analysis

Yanfeng Liu, Pengcheng He, Feng Liu, Lili Shi, Huachao Zhu, Xiaoyan Cheng, Jing Zhao, Yuan Wang, Mei Zhang

Pages: 411-414 Published online on: 24 January 2014
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February 2018
Volume 8 Issue 2

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